Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 4/1095 decided: The Adventure Of Tindra The Paladin Build Continues

After an intense day with both Tales Of Xillia and Dark Souls II, I have decided that Day 4 (Satuday) is going to be a Dark Souls II stream day. How come? Because DSII is freaking amazing! I am really getting into the game, and after beating the first old one today, I am super excited to continue playing the game.

My build is very Palading inspired, with Str, Vit, Fth as the most "focused on" stat. This means that I am able to fight with a huge sword, as well as, being able to use healing spells. So far this build have turned out pretty well, so tune in to see it in action tomorrow : )

Below I have posted my favorite moment from Day 3 of the stream:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 2/1095 Is Over, and Dark Souls II Is Awesome. Day 3 Will Start Off With Tales Of Xillia

It has been an intense streaming day here at Gamigon Live. The whole day have been a Dark Souls II day, and I am slowly but surely starting to fall in love with the game. I have realized that I managed to run past 2 of the games beginning areas, straight into arms of the Dragonrider boss. I realized this, after I had finished him and was well on way into the are beyond the boss. So after some backtracking, even more bossbeating and cool two handed sword swinging, I only got one more thing to say about this game. I love it.

Tomorrow I have decided to begin the stream with my Tales Of Xillia Unknown Difficulty run, and I will play some more Dark Souls 2 after that. That is tomorrow Friday at: 5:00 AM GMT +1 (12:00 AM EST), and it will be day nr 3/1095 of the challenge. So check in then for two awesome games in one stream.

Below you can check out my favorite Dark Souls II moment from today:

The other highlights can be viewed here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So what is going down on day 2/1095? Darks Souls II of course.

So day 1 have passed and I had a blast! I want to thank everyone who tuned in, and I hope to see you guys in day 2 : ). So what goes down on the second day? Probably my character in the incredibly difficult Dark Souls II... Yes I am going to press on in the most difficult game I have played in a long time, grinding is going to be done and beasts are going to get slayed, and hopefully I get to try out that new sword I found.. if I can level up my equip weight limit that is. 

Of course day two goes down the same time as day 1: 5:00 AM GMT +1 (12:00 AM EST)

Be sure to tune in at:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Year Livestream Challenge Begins Tomorrow

At Wednesday March 19-2014, 5:00 AM GMT +1 (12:00 AM EST) it begins. My stream called Gamigon Live, will be used for it's real purpose. I will start my 3 year livestream challenge at that time. What does that mean? It means, that I will livestream 6-8 Hours/day (sometimes more), for 1095 days. The stream will go live every day at that exact time, during these coming years.

"Why do you want to do this?", is the question I get asked the most. The answer is simple. I love streaming, entertaining and I want this to be my career. I also love challenges, and this one is a challenge that I finally got the chance to try. I am close to 29 Years old when this starts tomorrow morning, and when it ends, I will be close to 32. I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old, during these years, I have had the pleasure of living through all the great video game eras, and now it is time to share it all with you guys, during these 3 years. I will play all kinds of games, both old and new. It will be great fun : ).

The only things that will stop me from streaming is: sickness, serious family troubles and the likes. The days I loose because of an immediate crisis, will be added as extra days at the end, so that no unfortunate accidents will have any effects on the stream.

You can check out the stream at:
Also feel free to support the stream over at:

Opening day: Wednesday March 19-2014, 5:00 AM GMT +1 (12:00 AM EST)
The stream will then go live every day at that time for 1095 days.

So what do you think? Will I make it? Or will I break?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Gamigon Live have arrived at Patreon

With the help of a good friends I made an excellent discovery the other day, that discovery is called Patreon. Patreon is the perfect way for you to support Gamigon Live, if you are a fan. It is a site, made for everyone who are creating digital content, and their fans.  Via Patreon, you can now support Gamigon Live, at a monthly for the sum of "how much you want" $. Your donation helps Gamigon Live to grow and prosper, while giving you nice perks, as well as, easy access to all the clips from my streams, without commercials. 
Just to be clear, you are not paying for the stream or the videos, those are available for free at as always. If you choose to donate it is awesome, if you decide not to, that is fine, you are always welcome to view the stream no matter what.

So what are the advantages to The Gamigon Live Patreon page? Well, if you become a patron, you will not only help to improve the stream, but you will also get a place to hang out with other patrons, as well as, myself. You will get access to patron only posts, and some unique perks depending on the sum of your donation. 

Curious? Get over there and check it out:

No matter your choice, I hope you enjoy Gamigon Live! See you on the stream.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What? The Last Of Us Multiplayer Is Awesome? Here are the reasons.

I have to admit, I never thought that I was going to say the following about a singleplayer driven game: The Last Of Us manages to make a multiplayer mode that ties into the games main story in a charming way. I am a guy who loves story driven experiences. That is why I play a lot of singleplayer games. Usually when a story driven game (Tomb Raider, Batman, and the likes) has a multiplayer mode in them, it feels shoehorned and not very interesting.

So what makes The Last Of Us different? Well surprisingly little actually. What caught my eye was the fact that you have a clan that you have to keep alive. All your online battles suddenly feels a bit more important with in mind. I mean if I fail to many battles, the supplies will run dry for my clan, whom are people that tries to survive the apocalypse. It's Men, Women and children all trying to survive in the harsh world of The Last of Us. It makes me happy everytime I succeed a battle, since more people move into my clan, and the ones that were there from the beginning survive a day longer.

The gameplay itself is pretty standard. Two teams competing in different game modes, while having all the nifty gadgets that were also available in the singleplayer, to their disposal. It's simple and fun because I have that clan in the back of my head. Now, the single player is still the real meat of the game, but it is because it showed me how harsh the world is for everyone in The Last Of Us, that I can appreciate the multiplayer portions clan system. Well done Naughty Dogs, I hope other companies takes a peek at your simple idea and tries to make multiplayer an experience that ties into the world, instead of isolating itself from it.

So why do I write this article after the game already been out for so long? Because developers need to know that their game is being loved and enjoyed after it's release, so that the game industry can become a better place. At least I hope that is possible...

Take a look below to see some footage of my first experiences of the multiplayer portions of the game. It was all livestreamed here at Gamigon Live!


Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last Of Us Single Player: Why I Think It Is Awesome

Last night I held the most Amazing livestream here at Gamigon Live. It was a 16 hour marathon of epic proportions. I had no Idea what to expect out of the game, since I had not played it before, and even though I had some knowledge about what kind of game it was, I was not prepared for Naughty Dogs masterpiece of a game. So here I share with you my opinions of this amazing game.
If you missed the stream, the link can be found after the article.

The Last Of Us, starts of with a huge bang. I was shocked to find out that I got to play the first bit of the game as Joel's daughter. The moment before everything goes to hell, was a moment that I did not think I would see from her eyes. This makes for a fantastic opening, that gives you a perfect picture of not only his daughter, but of Joel himself. When I got to start playing with Joel I had the feeling in my body that I already knew the guy, because of what I experienced as his daughter.

After this, the story goes on with a terrific pacing. The true game begins 20 years after the incident, and Joel have managed to stay alive. I am not going to say anything more other than this: A lot of shit goes down during the game! This I say, to avoid spoilers, since The Last Of Us is a game that need to be experienced for yourself, or by at least looking at another person that plays the game. Every moment in the game is worth to experience for yourself, and there is not one of them that did not have a great impact on me.

Ok so the story is awesome, but what about the gameplay? At first The Last of Us feels pretty much like any third person shooter with great controls. But you will soon realize that it fooled you. The player will always be in hunt for resources to defend themselves against, Infected and human soldiers. The AI don't feel dumb either, so you are always kept on your toes while sneaking, and setting up traps for your opponents. It feels cool assembling your arsenal from scraps that you found on the ground, and when you manage to fulfill the perfect sneak or kill, it feels pretty cool, in that survival kind of way. The game also has some good scares with the infected, with the Clickers being being my absolute horror enemy.

Combine these two big reasons with the best graphics that the PlayStation 3 has to offer, and we got a winner. The single player portions of The Last of Us are among the best stories told last year, so if you haven't done so yet, experience it somehow.

Now, what about the multiplayer portions of the game? Gamigon Live will stream multiplayer action in tonight's stream, so look forward to my opinion about the multiplayer in The Last Of Us tomorrow.

The Last Of Us 16 Hour Marathon stream is available at the Gamigon Live! twitch channel: also below you can see some highlights from the stream. Enjoy!

The Awesome Intro Section

The Clickers Are Scary And Creepy

Crazy Bill And His Traps

Ellie Is A Superhuman

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Final Fantasy VII: No Shop Run Day 5 Highlights

Wow, yesterday I had what I have to call the disaster part of the no shop challenge. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Aeris and Tifa died at the temple of Ancient (no phoenix downs left), Red XII was the only one standing after the Jenova battle as well. I also got 2 game overs! Made me kinda angry. But I am going to keep pressing on!

The no shop run have really been way more difficult then I first presumed that it would be. One could say that I really underestimated the game. But hey, I love a good challenge : ).

If you missed the action you can watch it here:
As always I also have the best highlights down below:

The Untimely Demise Came At Last

It's still so sad

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Yesterday's stream highlights!

Wow yesterday was an amazing day. First of all I started to stream some more, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition here at Gamigon Live! I played it co-op with Tomlans, and there were burning zombies, fog, and graveyards everywhere! If you missed it you can check out the recorded stream here:

After a 40 minute break, I was continuing with my Final Fantasy 7 No Shop Run Challenge, where I had some serious problem with Lost Number, and was super surprised that a certain boss at Cosmo Canyon, could not be killed with a Phoenix Down anymore. Wow.

This stream had to be split in two parts at the following links:

Also be sure to check out the highlights from yesterdays stream below. My favorite is the Phoenix Down one. Which one is yours?

A whole lot of fire

Fully Upgrade Shotgun Is Nice

This Part Is So Intense

What?? The Phoenix Down Don't Work?

Lost Number Is So Challenging

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition: Awesome Highlights From Yesterdays Stream (March 5 - 2014)

Yesterday I played and streamed Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, for the PlayStation 4, live right here on Gamigon Live! It was an awesome experience, with a lot of action. The game felt great at 1080p, looking nice and clean. You could see further ahead than the PS3 counterpart, thanks to the higher resolution as well.  It also worked like a charm in online co-op, which is nice.

Gamigon Live! will continue playing and streaming Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition today at 10:00 AM PST (18:00 GMT +0) and continue for at least 4+ hours. After that Gamigon Live! will continue with the Final Fantasy VII No Shop Challenge, for everyone who is also following that. So a lot of fun happening tonight.

If you missed yesterdays stream and want to see the whole thing you can do so at:

You also can check out the highlights from yesterdays stream below:

Final Part Of First Stage

Car Alarm Discussions And A Panic Death

If You Dislike Clowns, This Is The Highlight For You

Fantastic Jumper AI Bug

The Best Solo Effort Of The Stream

Gotta Love The Launcher, Especially Against Cutters

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Top-5 Reasons as to why Final Fantasy VII Is Still A Great Game

Some games age better than others, some age well in some part, and then there are those which might not look like much today, but have aged better than one might thing. Final Fantasy VII does not give a great first impression compared to other better looking titles today, but when you sit down and dig into it, there are plenty of reasons to see as to why this is still a great rpg. Here are my top-5 reasons as to why FFVII is still a great game.

Reason Number 5: An Interesting World

The first thing that meets my eyes, when starting up FFVII, is the well realized world that the game takes place in. It is a unique blend of steampunk, futuristic technology, and classic fantasy. Together these genres give of a really nice impression, while managing to keep the world interesting through all the major parts of the game. There is always some new interesting place to explore in FF7's vast environments.

Reason Number 4: The Mini-games

This game showed me what mini-games should be like in an rpg. You got Motorcycles, snowboards, submarines, rollercoasters, battle arenas and more. And the best part is, that all (or most of them) works and are easily enjoyable. My favorite is the Motorcycle, what is yours?

Reason Number 3: The Materia and Limit Break Systems

To me the materia system is by far the best leveling mechanich in any Final Fantasy game. It allows you to customize your characters however you see fit. Couple that with a simple and fun Limit Break system, to separate your characters a bit more from each other, and we got a winner. The freedom these systems give the player are simple to use, as well as powerful. That is nice!

Reason Number 2: The Story

Even tough the translation of the game is not Square's best, the story stands as my favorite Final Fantasy storyline to date. It advanced but still simple. It is touching, with characters that I care about. It had the greatest story-twist of it's time. Add to that, awesome dialogues, awesome characters with feelings and more. This mix gives a story that never ceases to amaze me.

Reason Number 1: Sephiroth

Sephiroth is the best bad guy ever created in the Final Fantasy franchise. Sure, he is a man who wants to destroy and recreate the world, but he got his reasons. He feels betrayed, by the "humans" and want to take the world back to the Cetra. He carries his monster mom Jenova, with him everywhere he goes. He got a cool sword, he can walk through fire. Need I say more?

Final Fantasy VII Gamigon Live! No Shop Challenge Highlights - Day 3

So the third part is done! It was a crazy run last night. I found a surprisingly good weapon for Tifa, Cloud accidentally dies twice leaving me with two characters for awhile, and Dyne was easier to beat in Corel Prison than I thought he would be. I felt so lucky during all these times, except for the Dyne battle when I felt super skilled : ). So another great streamday here at Gamigon Live!

Head over to to check out the recording, and do check out the highlights below:

Yay!! A Great Weapon Steal For Tifa!

Yuffie Hunting Gone Wrong (Cloud Dies)

You Had One Job Cloud!!

Dyne Is Going to be.... easy?? O.o

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Goat Simulator Got A Release Date

Today is the day we all have been waiting for. Coffee Stain Studios have finally announced that Goat Simulator will be unleashed upon the Steam platform at April 1st! Marketed as "The world's dumbest game", goat simulator was an Alpha game, not meant to be released at all. But as more and more people watched footage from it, they also wanted the game more and more. It all got to the level where the game have become a real game project to be released on steam.

 Coffee Stain Studios said the following, in their press release: 

 "Goat Simulator was inspired from old-school skating games, where, instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing skating tricks, you wreck stuff. Charging into a table and knocking it over yields points, and if you can manage to do it while doing a backflip first and a 360 afterwards, you’ll score even more points. With Steam integration, Goat Simulator will also support Steam Workshop where players will be able to make their own goats, missions, levels and more." 

 They also announced that people will be able to test the game at GDC San Francico at March 17-21 2014, as well as, Gone North Games "A Story About My Uncle" that is to be published by Coffee Stain Studios this summer.

 Personally the release date for Goat Simulator makes this feel like a very elaborate April Fool's joke, but I surely hope that it is not. Goat Simulator looks like something that I could have fun with forever both on and off the Gamigon live! stream. It just looks like crazy fun, so let's hope that it actually get's released in the end.  
If you have not checked the game out yet, I implore you to take a look at the Alpha footage and trailer below:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Highlights From The Second Day Final Fantasy VII Stream

The 4+ hours of day two have just been concluded in the Final Fantasy VII No Shop Challenge Stream, here on Gamigon Live!. It included a mistake of having to use two Phoenix Downs way to early in the game, the crossdressing scene at wall market,  two boss battles where I overestimated the bosses potential and beat them quicker than ever before, as well as the Sephiroth and Cloud in Nibelheim story part.

So far I must say that it is really exciting to play the game without using shops. It really makes every drop, steal and chest count way more than it did before. It's fun and entertaining. If you missed it you can check the whole archived stream at:

I also prepared some neat highlights for you to watch below:

WallMarket With Cross Dressing Scene

Motor Bike Minigame With Boss Shinra HQ

I hope you enjoyed these highlights. Make sure to check the continuation of the No Shop Run tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST (21:00 GMT +0)


Gamigon Live Will Stream Dead Nation Apoclypse Edition For PS4 On Day1

Tomorrow mark the day for a great re-release title on the PS4 in the US (Wednesday in the EU) . Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, developed my Housmarque (Resogun), will see the light of day,as a Playstation Plus title, both in EU and US regions. The game was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2010, and became quite popular, as it offered some great arcade like zombie action. Not only will the PlayStation 4 version include the original campaign for solo and co-op action, it will also include the Road To Devastation expansion, as well as running in glorious 1080p.

I really liked Dead Nation when it was released for the PS3, so now it is going to be fun giving it another blast at the PS4. More importantly, Gamigon Live! will stream the game at it's EU release day on Wednesday March 5. I can't wait to dive into the zombie hordes once again! Be sure to do it with me : )


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gamigon Live! Final Fantasy VII No Shop Challenge LiveStream

So Kingdom Hearts Final Mix became the first game that I cleared on Gamigon Live! So what now?
I have decided to play Final Fantasy VII live here on Gamigon Live!. This will be no normal run however, it will be a No Shop Challenge run with the following rules:

  1. No Shops or Inns allowed, may only use items you find in the field.
  2. Stuff needed for progression are allowed to be bought. Ex. Chocobo Materia, and ghysal greens.
  3. All minigames allowed except for Chocobo Breeding
  4. If I die, I fail and the challenge is over
I have already had the first stream session which you can watch at:, where I have played to the point where you meet Aeris for the first time. On Monday 2, at 1:00 PM PST (0:00 GMT +0) I will continue with the second round, here, live, on Gamigon Live! so make sure to jump right into the stream by then  for some live Final Fantasy VII action!

I find this challenge really exciting to try out. I have finished Final Fantasy VII over 60 times by now, but I have never played through the game in with this kind of limitation before. The items, exp and materia that I find in the chests, and as enemy drops will be more important then ever. So be sure to check out the stream on this blog or at: at Monday! 

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Finale Highlights and Final Thoughts about the 1.5 HD Remix Version

Last night I finished up Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on proud mode live on the stream. It was just as epic as I remember it. The confrontation with "Ansem" was just as cool as the first time I fought against him. I have to say, that when a game throws in three final bosses in a row like Kingdom Hearts does, it gets the blood pumping. Here are my final thoughts about the HD version of the game.

So what do I think about the 1.5 HD Remix version of Kingdom Hearts? Well, it is really great to have a true widescreen version of the game finally, most of the textures have scaled up pretty well, and the cg cutscenes look glorious in HD. I found a cool bug where enemies became invisible, which I have not encountered in Kingdom Hearts before, but except for that it runs well while looking great. Especially when you take into account that the game is 12 years old. So all in all, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is a great version of the game to play. it looks crisp and feels very much like a modern action rpg should.

If you missed the finale on the Gamigon Live Stream last night, you may look up the archived footage at: Also check out the final boss highlight below : ).

Want to buy Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 fo the PlayStation 3? You can do that on the Gamigon Live! Game Store for only 29.99$! Buying it, will support Gamigon Live 's stream and blog, while you will get a game. Powered by Amazon.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Top-5 Reasons As To Why Tales Of Symphonia Is Still A Great Game

When I have not been streaming, I have been playing some Tales of Symphonia with a couple of friends latley. the game is 10 years old by now, still giving great value if you choose to pick it up. As I wrote an article covering the Top-5 reasons that Kingdom Hearts is still a great game, I thought to myself  "What are Tales of Symphonias Top-5?" Well I figured them all out now, and decided to share them with you guys!

So here they are, "The Top-5 Reasons That Tales of Symphonia is still a great game.

Reason Number 5: Art Style

While Tales of Symphonia may not be the best looking RPG ever made, it's art-style manages to give that old school RPG feel, while still being 3D. It manages to look and feel like a Snes-era RPG, even if it is not. To me, that is a great thing as it makes me very nostalgic, a feeling, that can really heighten the enjoyment factor quite a bit. 

Reason Number 4: The Music 

To me, this is where Motoi Sakuraba is at his peak. Not only are the returning song from Tales of Phantasia present, but all the tunes really makes every moment in the game to feel special. The fight songs really give an Impact to each and every battle, and I find myself listening to the OST more than once per day. Awesome music so t speak.

Reason Number 3: Skits

These are one of the best reasons to play any Tales of game, really. The skits are almost always funny and engaging, and they also give some great character depth. 50% of the humor in Symphonia comes from these great bonus peaces. Why would I ever skip them?

Reason Number 2: The Battles

I love the battle system in the Tales of series, and Symphonia's are among the best of them. They are filled with action, tactics, as well as, challenges. And the best of all must be that there is multiplayer support. Up to four friends can sit and experience the game together, using tactics not possible with NPC's to find the optimal strategy for each battle. That is awesome!

Reason Number 1: Greatest Story Surprises Ever (*Spoilers*)

What! Kratos is an Angel and a traitor? What Mithos is the badguy? What the pilgrimage was all a lie!!?? WHAT???

All the moments above are some of the best surprise plots I have ever lived to see. Not because they are unique in themselves, but because, the games plot is so well written that one has a hard time to see these moments arriving. It is amazing.